Our Mission

working in collaboration with the NHS, Public Health and leading figures in obstetrics, midwifery and the wellness space, our aim is to transform the approach to care and support for families in the postnatal period. 


We Support Womens' Health Charities

we're pushing for more equality in womens' healthcare. 'i'm 'exhausted' or 'im not quite myself' is often dismissed as a side-effect of parenthood. The physical, psychological and social impact on a woman after having a child is huge, yet the postnatal period is one of the most neglected and under-resourced areas in healthcare. 

our mission is to empower through modern day, evidence based education...we all need to know what's within a 'normal' range, what's not and when and where to seek help. we are champions of self-care for parents and this is at the core of our courses, workshops and support. nurturers need to be nurtured. no guilt. no excuses.

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Positivity not judgement and making it oK to ask for help

we are lobbying for positive change in the language used around womens' health and maternity. no-one should read the words 'failure' or 'incompetent' on their notes. every birth is 'normal' and judgement-fuelled terms don't help one bit. we feel so strongly about this that we're working up our own 'alternative' glossary! 

by shining the spotlight on the 4th trimester and how important it is to have some help and support when baby arrives, we hope that more parents feel they can 'ask for help' and that they needn't just soldier on. our aim is that every family in the UK has a postnatal plan as well as a birth plan. 96% of us don't! We work with you on your tailor-made postnatal plan and create a help at home package to suit your needs. read more


Join our mission - Become a 'Mum-Buddy'

Become part of the movement to revolutionise postnatal care in the UK.

most 'mums' are affected by loneliness at some point. over 40% of families in the UK have no nearby support and can feel like a 'bad' parent for 'not knowing' or can feel disloyal for exposing the stresses of family life to the outside world.

we're on a mission to help create an urban 'village' of parents supporting other new parents. A network of 'mum' buddies who are a bit further ALONG THEIR PARENTING JOURNEY, looking to support new parents IN THEIR LOCAL AREA. Someone outside of their direct family and friendship group, to offer support and a listening ear for the whole of their first year of parenthood.  read more on becoming a mum-buddy.