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Expert. modern. non sugar-coated.

The real scoop on birth and beyond

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Our Mission

to revolutionise postnatal care for families in the UK


the postnatal period is one of the most neglected periods of a woman and babies' life and our aim is to change this through...

  • empowering families through modern day education across the antenatal AND postnatal period

  • championing 'self-care' for parents

  • campaigning for positive change in language used in maternity care

  • ensuring that postnatal planning is adopted as routine 

  • providing practical tailor-made support at home in the postnatal period

  • Creating an urban 'village' of peer supporters. parents supporting parents in their local area


so, what makes The Nest Club different?


our courses run across the antenatal and postnatal period. we support you before and after baby arrives.


we start at the beginning with our baby care abc And Speak Candidly About The sticky stuff. 


designed by leading experts. 100% evidence based, 100% balanced, 100% for modern life, 110% feel good.

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everyone at the Nest club gets their own local 'mum-buddy' to offer support for the whole of the first year!


We believe in Self-Care and baby care in equal measure. nurturers need to be nurtured. you matter. fact.


We help you build your postnatal plan and offer practical Tailor-Made care and support at home.


Our offer

modern-day Courses, expert led workshops and help at home



  • our expert 'birth and beyond' course runs across the antenatal aND postnatal period and offers support for whole of year one. 

  • our 'workshops' cover the essentials around baby care, self-care and parenting to ensure you get the help and advice you need.

  • 'the nest 24/7' online tutorials are bitesize, helpful and cheerful, Designed to take you from 'zero to hero' on any parenting topic

  • Postnatal Care at home offers invaluable tailor-made, practical help and support at home when baby arrives. 


Friends of The Nest

Little nuggets of joy for you and your loves

for us, balance wins over perfection every time, especially when it comes to parenting.

we've curated a collection of 'joy makers' that we've tried, tested and loved, to make your time as a new parent a bit easier and a little more joyful. 

friends of the nest club are like-minded; performance, sustainability and affordability are as important to them as they are to us.