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Non Sugar-Coated.

Antenatal Courses and Postnatal Care.
Designed by the superstars of midwifery, obstetrics, health and wellness. Created for life today.

We connect the dots between pregnancy and parenthood.

 We believe that the idea of the ‘perfect’ birth has no place in antenatal education and that no parent should be ‘left to it’ when a new baby comes along. For us, ‘straight talking’, unbiased expert education upfront is vital, so that you understand your rights and options, making the right choices for you in birth and beyond. Our approach is based on self-care being as important as baby care and crucially we talk about what comes after birth in a frank and honest way; recovery from birth, mental health, the pelvic floor, relationships, sex and all the sticky stuff in between. We offer face to face courses in your local area, online courses, plus we connect you with the care you need in the postnatal period.

The real scoop on birth and beyond.

We empower and support you to do it your way.


Your choice.

More realistic expectations and being empowered through choice has been proven to improve the experience of birth and early parenthood. Our antenatal course ‘The Nest Natal’ gives you the real scoop through expert, unbiased, practical information. No preaching. No judgement.


Your wellness.

Let’s be honest, becoming a parent is no walk in the park. With very little follow up after birth, families often feel unsupported and anxious in the early weeks. So, we help you to plan for the postnatal period and connect you with the expert support you need, when you need it most.


Your tribe.

We know that social connection as a parent is so important, so whether you choose to do the 5 week Nest Natal Course, meeting your local peers or decide that an online course is more your bag, we make sure that connection is at the core. Everyone has access to their own parent ‘mentor’, someone local, a bit further along their parenting journey, to offer support and a listening ear.

Meet our super-expert panel.

Our team combines the best of clinical and wellness with a wealth of parental experience to empower, support and care for new families. We are united in our passion for transforming education, care and support for parents and babies in the lead up to birth and beyond. Together with our expert team, we have designed the most forward thinking, comprehensive antenatal course out there.


We support you before and after birth.

Forward-thinking antenatal education before birth. Expert postnatal care after birth. Online tutorials and support round the clock. We give you the tools and support to feel empowered through pregnancy, birth and as a parent. 

All in One Natal Course.

The most complete, modern day antenatal and postnatal course in one. Designed by leading experts it runs across five weeks in your local area.


Per 5 week course. Includes partner.

Expert Postnatal Care.

For your physical and mental wellbeing as new parents. We help you to build a postnatal plan and connect you with the support that's right for you.


Packages start from

Your Virtual Village.

For those who'd like to do their natal course at home or learn more, we offer an online course; your digital guide to birth and beyond. Plus you get your own 'mummy' mentor.


Nest Club access per year

The antenatal and postnatal course in one. Built for parents today.

We’ve heard countless times that new parents felt unprepared and at worst misled by their antenatal course and that it did little to prepare them for what came after birth. We believe that straight-talking, evidence based information is power and provides choice which has been proven to improve experience and outcomes in birth and beyond. Our course has been written by the leading experts in each field and is led by the most experienced birth professionals out there.

Pre and postnatal
course in one

Our Natal Course covers the pre and the postnatal period in one course. We support and empower you throughout pregnancy, birth and when baby arrives.

Pre and postnatal
course in one

Designed by leading experts

We’ve brought together the leading experts in midwifery, obstetrics and wellness to create the most complete, modern-day, real scoop approach to antenatal education.

Self care
at the heart

‘Self-care’ can be a dirty word, a no-go zone in the land of parenting. We believe that self-care and baby care are equally important. Nurturers need to be nurtured. Fact.

Baby Care

We’re 99.5% sure that most people aren’t born knowing how to change a nappy or bathe a baby, so we start at the beginning with our baby care ABC.

Smashing taboos
one by one

We speak candidly about the sticky stuff. Blood loss, trauma, sex as parents, relationships, how to handle the overbearing mother-in-law, share the care and make it work for you.

local parents

Our courses are positive, feel good and super social. We bring like-minded folks together to form the wonderful friendships that can turn a bad day good. It really does take a village.

Help is here. Expert, trusted postnatal care.

Did you know 96% of parents-to-be don’t make a postnatal plan and we’re big believers in this being the bit you can actually make a plan for. With 40% of people in urban areas not having close family nearby, we think that having some support in place when baby arrives can make a massive difference. So we help you make a plan and connect you with the support you need. 

Parenting isn't an exclusive club.

Parenthood doesn’t look or feel one way.  We don’t play to a 50’s model of the ‘ideal family’. Everyone has a different journey to parenthood and every family works in it’s own way. To the single mum, to the dads and their surrogate, to the couple that went through round after round of IVF, to the blind mum who has never seen her child, to the parents who have adopted; we are united by so much through parenthood and at The Nest Club we celebrate every journey.


Big mission. Little by little.

Postnatal care in the UK is under resourced. An afterthought. Women in the UK leave hospital in as little as 6 hours after childbirth, sooner than in any other developed nation. The result. New parents often feel misled, abandoned, dismissed and broken in the first year with a new baby. 

Our mission is to positively transform the approach to postnatal care and support in the UK; making recovery from birth swifter, the experience of early parenthood more joyful and improve the outcome for all families.

We support women's health charities.

We support charities that research and fund awareness of symptoms as well as life saving treatment for gynae, breast and other illnesses that affect so many of our lives. Too often women’s symptoms of ‘I’m exhausted’, ‘I don’t feel myself’ are dismissed as a side effect of parenthood. We want every woman to be heard and to get the healthcare they need.


We're blushing.