Why Choose The Nest Club?


our courses run across the antenatal and postnatal period. we support you before and after baby arrives.

the postnatal period is the time you need the most support. our courses and workshops support you at every stage before baby and crucially, when baby arrives.

We prefer 'inclusive' to 'ideal’. every family is different. we empower you to do it your way. no preaching. No judgement.


designed by leading experts. 100% evidence based. 100% balanced. 100% for modern life. 110% feel good

our courses have been designed by experts in the fields of obstetrics, midwifery, womens' health and wellness, to provide a modern day, practical and complete approach. Meet our experts here

we believe as much in modern medicine as we do in the power of the human body.


we believe that self-care and baby care are important in equal measure. nurturers need to be nurtured. fact. 

'self-care'. it can be a dirty word, a no-go zone, filled with guilt, excuses and other bad stuff in the land of parenting! our courses and workshops are based on the fundamental premise that nurturers need to be nurtured. 

we are champions of equality in womens' health care. self-care is at the heart of everything at the nest club. 


we start at the beginning with our baby care aBC and speak candidly about the sticky stuff.

we’re 99.5% sure that most people aren't born knowing how to change a nappy or bathe a baby. we offer a complete baby care a to z.

our workshops and online parenting 'bites' take you from pregnancy to when they fly the nest! we speak openly about the important stuff....giant sanitary pads, post birth trauma, sex after childbirth.

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everyone at the Nest club has their own local 'mum-buddy' to offer support for the whole of the first year.

We believe that the postnatal period is MUCH longer than 6-8 weeks which is why our support continues for the whole of your first year as a new parent.

everyone on the 'birth and beyond' course has access to their own 'mum-buddy'. someone local, a bit further along their parenting journey, outside of your friendship group, there to offer support and a listening ear.


we help you build your postnatal plan and offer practical tailor-made Postnatal care and support at home.

93% of new parents ranked hands-on help at home in the early weeks with a new baby, top of their wish list.

It might be support with breastfeeding, more midwife checks, a night nanny, childcare for siblings, help around the house, someone to hold the baby while you jump in the shower! we build a postnatal plan with you and make sure that you have support that works for you