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Join Us On Our Mission to Revolutionise Postnatal Care

At The Nest Club, it’s vitally important to make sure that the quality of support and care is the best it can be. We set clear guidelines informed by the relevant body in each industry, to ensure that the standard is the best you can find.

We go an extra step though because qualification and experience is only part of it. For us, finding practitioners who share a genuine passion to transform the lives of parents on their journey into parenthood, along with an open mind and bags of empathy.

The Nest Club will provide the platform, support you with marketing activity for a small set up fee and commission on each service.

How to apply

To apply, please send the following information to

1. Recent professional headshot and a short biography including a little about why you’re passionate about helping parents-to-be and new parents and why you want to join The Nest Club

2. Full name and professional title.

3. List of relevant qualifications and year obtained, plus number of years experience.

4. Contact details for booking – Telephone, Email etc.

5. Geographical location and the areas you provide service if home visits are available. Please provide a photo of the treatment area/practise / clinic.

6. Up to 3 services or packages of services you would offer including time length and price of each (a range of price options is preferable).