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Choose the postnatal care and support you need.

Most of us don’t have family living down the road (phew!) or the ‘village’ to help out when new baby arrives. With very little follow up after birth, it’s no surprise that so many parents feel unsupported and anxious in the early weeks. We want you to know, you’re not alone. We’re here to help you build a tailor-made postnatal plan and to connect you with the support that’s right for you, on one of life’s most important journeys. No more soldiering on

Find perinatal mental health support

Pregnancy, birth and parenthood can have a significant effect on mental health and wellbeing. Whether you feel like you’re not quite yourself, you feel anxious or traumatised, help is out there and it’s more than ok to ask for help.

Packages start at £50

Find pelvic floor rehabilitation

Pregnancy and child birth weaken the pelvic floor muscles. Too often women resign themselves to pelvic dysfunction being something they will just have to live with. Not so. Book one of our amazing women’s health physiotherapist.

Packages start at £75

Find breastfeeding support

Having some support with breastfeeding can be a game changer at any point in your breastfeeding journey. Our experts can help with anything from feeding issues, sore nipples, milk supply, night feeds through to weaning.

Packages start at £75

Find midwife support at home

With so few visits from the midwife after you arrive home with baby from hospital, it can be reassuring to book a midwife to provide some additional support, carry out baby checks and answer any questions you may have. 


Packages start at £50

Find postnatal doula help at home

A postnatal doula in the early weeks with a new baby can be one of the best investments you can make. Care and support tailored to each families needs; help around the home, looking after siblings, help with baby care, cooking a meal.

Packages start at £50

Find family sleep support

Understandably getting a good nights sleep or even just a couple of hours can become the preoccupation of every parent. We work with a brilliant team of experts who are gentle, empathetic, super experienced and family-centric in approach.

Packages start at £100

Meet our brilliant postnatal carers.

We go out of our way to ensure that the postnatal care providers that work with The Nest Club are the best you can find. Search for a provider in your area.

Just enter your postcode or city and choose from the dropdown of services provided. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we’re here to help.

Need some help making a postnatal plan?

We’re more than happy to help you put together a plan that means you get the help and support that’s right for you when new baby arrives.

Drop us a line and we can book an appointment to talk through your situation and what care options you might want to have a think about.

Call us on 0207 164 6610 or email us at

Get your free postnatal plan.

We’ve developed the mother of all postnatal plans as we’re big believers that making a plan for when your new baby arrives, can be one of the best investments you can make. 

Enter your details for your FREE postnatal plan template to ensure that you have a plan for one of the biggest adventures of your life.