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Our Mission.


Working in collaboration with the NHS, public health and leading figures in obstetrics, midwifery, our aim is to transform the approach to care and support for families in the postnatal period. Known as the ‘Cinderella’ of maternity services, postnatal care is desperately underfunded and new parents get little support during one of the biggest and most important journeys in life. If every parent had access to the postnatal support they needed, it would massively improve the social and economic welfare of the nation.


A revolution in postnatal care.

The physical and mental health of every mother and father should be taken more seriously. We are used to ‘soldiering on’ but why should this be the norm?

Time to recover from birth with some ‘hands on’ support shouldn’t be seen as a luxury. We’re lobbying for more funding and focus on pelvic floor rehabilitation, specialist perinatal mental health support and to get postnatal care high on the healthcare agenda


Equality in healthcare.

‘i’m ‘exhausted’ or ‘im not quite myself’ is often dismissed as a side-effect of parenthood. the physical, psychological and social impact of having a child is huge, yet the postnatal period is one of the most neglected and under-resourced areas in healthcare.  

we believe education on what’s within a ‘normal’ range, what’s not and when and where to seek help is fundamental to change. we want every woman to feel empowered through modern day, evidence based education, to understand their rights and to be able to find their voice if something doesn’t feel right.


More positive language. No judgement.

We’re lobbying for positive change in the language used around women’s health and in maternity. No-one should ever hear or read the words ‘failure’ or ‘incompetent’ on their birth journey. We believe every birth is ‘normal’ and judgement-fuelled words have a place firmly in the past!