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Meet the experts.

Our panel combines the best of clinical and wellness, with a wealth of parental experience to empower, support and care for new families. We are united in our passion for transforming education, care and support for women and babies in the lead up to birth and beyond.

Dr Karen Joash

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

One of the superstars of the world of obstetrics and gynaecology. Working out of Queen Charlotte’s in London, she is passionate about both helping women achieve the birth they want, as well as leading on postnatal care, understanding that the birth journey doesn’t stop at birth and how support in this period is so crucial.

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Kate Pinney

Midwife Team Lead and Health visitor

One of the shining stars of midwifery, practising within the NHS as well as managing the team of midwives at Tommy’s Pregnancy Information Service. She is also an experienced health visitor and is passionate about helping families in their transition to parenthood.

Dr Rebecca Moore

Perinatal psychiatrist and co-founder of make birth better

A highly experienced and super passionate perinatal psychiatrist who supports women during pregnancy and postnatally with PND, anxiety, OCD and trauma. She is also co-founder of Make Birth Better which aims to raise awareness of birth trauma and campaigns to make positive change to maternity services.

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Katharine Graves

Founder of Hypnobirthing

One of the pioneers of hypnobirthing and founder of KG Hypnobirthing. Dedicated to helping women to give birth more gently and calmly, whatever type of birth they have. Best selling author and teacher, Katharine also has trained over 2000 midwives.

Anya Hayes

Self-care, Wellness Expert and Author

Passionate about empowering women to take control of their wellness, Anya, Pilates instructor, cognitive therapy teacher and author of ‘The Supermum Myth’ has developed a wellness toolkit to build physical and mental resilience in the perinatal period.

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Lauren Mishcon

The queen of Doulas and women's radio station host

Incredibly experienced birth and postnatal doula, there is very little that Lauren hasn’t seen when it comes to pregnancy, birth and the transition to parenthood. She is also editor of The Doula Magazine and host of Women’s Radio Station.

Lucy Shrimpton

Baby and child sleep expert

One of the leading experts in child sleep, Lucy and the team have changed the lives of many a sleep deprived parent across the world. Founder of ‘The Sleep Nanny System’ which combines insights from psychology, sleep science and wellness, her approach is gentle and effective.

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Mars Lord

Award winning Doula and birth activist

Mars is an award-winning doula helping women to make informed choices to have an incredible birth experience whatever type of birth they have. A super passionate birth activist with a desire to ‘colour the landscape’ of birth and campaign for lower morbidity in the BAME community.

Emma Pickett

IBCLC lactation consultant and Chair of ABM

Super experienced, no-nonsense IBCLC certified breastfeeding counsellor, Emma has helped thousands of women to breastfeed their baby with confidence. Chair of the Association of Breastfeeding Mothers and author of books inclduing ‘The Breast Book’, an indispensable guide for teens.

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Laura Godfrey-Isaacs

Midwife, Health visitor and birth activist

Passionate midwife and health visitor at Kings College Hospital, Laura combines her experience in both the birth and the art worlds to bring a fresh approach to inform education, practise, policy and research. Co-lead of health policy at WEP UK and part of the leadership group at the NMC reviewing midwifery standards in education.

Rebecca Schiller

Founder of Birthrights, Doula and Author

Founder and trustee of Birthrights, the human rights in childbirth charity and a super experienced doula.  Rebecca is also a journalist and author specialising in women’s rights, pregnancy, birth and parenting and has written bestselling books including ‘Why Human Rights in Childbirth Matter’ and ‘Your No-Guilt Pregnancy Plan’.

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Maria Elliott

Pelvic Floor Guru and Founder of Mummy MOT

Leading the way in women’s health physiotherapy, Maria and the team specialise in postnatal pelvic floor and abdominal rehabilitation. Founder of Mummy MOT, she is passionate about helping women’s bodies recover after childbirth. 

Zita West

The superpower of fertility and Founder of The Zita West Clinic

Zita West is the UK’s leading expert in fertility, having helped thousands of families to conceive over the last 25 years. zita spent 40 years as a midwife and found that combining the medical and holistic worlds produced amazing results.

Professor Amy Brown

Professor of child public health and leader of centre for lactation and infant feeding

Amy leads the centre for Lactation, Infant Feeding and Translation (LIFT) – a research centre dedicated to understanding the many challenges women face in feeding their babies and how we can best support families to make the decisions that are right for them. She is an author of soon to be 5 infant feeding and parenting books and a passionate supporter of mothers and the concept of mothering the mother, determined to create an environment where families are valued and protected.

Dr Joanna Helcke

Award winning pre and postnatal fitness expert

The UK’s leading voice in pregnancy and postnatal fitness and founder of zest4lifeuk she is passionate about promoting mental well-being through physical activity and good nutrition and the building of social networks for mums and mums-to-be.

Ana Mattos

Paediatric cranial osteopath

Ana is an internationally acclaimed osteopath and naturopath, spcialised in the field of women’s health during the pre and postpartum period. she has extensive experience in paediatric osteopathy, biomechanical realignment and in addressing hormonal dysfunctions.

Dr Aniko Deierl

Leading consultant neonatologist

Dr Aniko Deierl is a super experienced neonatologist at Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London. She pioneered the groundbreaking introduction of ‘integrated family-delivered’ neonatal care, where involving parents more actively in the care of their premature babies in NICU, leads to earlier discharge and better outcomes. 

Dr Yana Richens OBE

Deputy Head of maternity services nhs england

Dr Yana Richens has done extensive research into fear of birth in first time mothers and is nursing and midwifery lead for research at the Institute for Women’s Health. Co-editor of the British Journal of Midwifery and Deputy Head of Maternity Services at NHS England, she champions improving outcomes for every woman and baby in the UK. 

Kath Sloggett

Female empowerment and career coach

kath empowers women at key transition points in their working lives and crucially when returning to work after maternity leave, as well as running returnship programmes for employers, helping to recruit talented people for flexible and part-time jobs.

Shazia Mustafa

Flexible working expert and Founder of third door

founder of third door, the uk’s first family-friendly coworking space with nursery, she is one of the leading change-makers in equal parenting and more forward thinking flexible working practises.

Kate Nicolle

Relationship educator and mentor

Kate has over 20 years’ experience working with parents, families and practitioners and has a fantastic understanding of how early parenthood can challenge even the strongest of relationships. She helps families through turbulent times providing a wealth of resources that set you up for better relationships.