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Our team combines the best of clinical and wellness, with a wealth of parental experience to empower, support and care for new families. we are United in our passion for transforming education, care and support for women and babies in the lead up to birth and beyond.

so proud to work alongside these superstars...


Zita West - the one and only superstar of fertility

Zita west is the UK’s leading expert in fertility, having helped thousands of families to conceive over the last 25 years. zita spent 40 years as a midwife and found that combining the medical and holistic worlds produced amazing results. The Zita West clinic, the number one IVF clinic in London, has devised a 15-month programme starting with three months pre-conception, all the way through to the fourth trimester. The Zita West way is all about 'Mind, Body, Baby'; the importance of looking after yourself physically and emotionally.


Maria Elliott - the pelvic floor guru and founder of mummy mot

Maria Elliott is one of the UK’s leading Female Health specialists and Pelvic and Abdominal Physiotherapists (MCSP, HPC, POGP, APPI) specialising in PostNatal Rehab and Complex Pelvic Pain Recovery. She has worked extensively in the field of women's health for over 25 years, training in France as a specialist in Pre and PostNatal Physiotherapist and in the US to treat and coach women with Complex Pelvic Pain. Maria and her team offer A unique pre and postnatal treatment plan to help women’s bodies recover after giving birth.


Anya Hayes - Our pilates and mama wellness superpower

Anya, a mum of two boys, is a Pilates instructor, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy teacher and author specialising in empowering women with a wellness toolkit to help build physical and mental resiliance in the pre and postnatal period. author of must read books ‘The Supermum Myth: Overcome anxiety, ditch guilt and embrace imperfection’, ‘pilates for Pregnancy’ and ‘Postnatal Pilates’ due to be published in 2019.

katharine graves

Katharine graves - the queen of the hypnobirthing world

Katharine Graves founder of KG Hypnobirthing, the UK’s leading hypnobirthing organisation and author of the best-selling hypnobirthing book. Katharine is the most respected hypnobirthing expert and has taught over 3,000 mothers and her book and audios have helped many thousands more women to achieve an empowering birth experience. Katharine has trained over 800 teachers at the Royal College of Midwives accredited KG Hypnobirthing Teacher Training Course and her training methods are taught worldwide.

lucy shrimpton.jpeg

Lucy Shrimpton - our life-changing child sleep guru

Lucy is one of the world’s leading child sleep experts and has helped hundreds of tired parents and children around the world to win bedtime battles and finally gain the gift of a good night’s sleep. A mum of two, Lucy knows first hand what it is like to feel extreme sleep deprivation. Founder of ‘The Sleep Nanny’ and author of best selling book ‘The Sleep Nanny System’ Lucy Combines insights from psychology, sleep, parenting and wellness.


Shazia Mustafa - Our super-empowering champion of flexible working for parents

Shazia is founder and director of Third Door, the UK’s first family-friendly coworking space with an onsite Ofsted registered Nursery. SHazia’s belief is that it is possible to excel in your career and still spend quality time with your kids and this led to the creation of third door in 2010. Shazia is leading the way in making change happen in Equal Parenting and Caregiving policy and lobbying industry for more forward thinking flexible working practise.

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs.jpg

Laura Godfrey-Isaacs - the extraordinary artist, midwife and birth activist

Laura Godfrey-isaacs graduated from King's college as a midwife and now works as a community midwife at King’s college hospital. She combines her vast experience and passion for the arts with the world of midwifery, to bring a fresh approach to inform education, practice, policy and research. She is currently co-lead of the Health policy committee at The Women’s Equality Party, Board Advisor at The International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy and member of the Leadership Group at the NMC reviewing midwifery education standards.


Dr Joanna Helcké - the award winning pre and postnatal fitness expert

Dr Joanna Helcké a leading UK expert in pregnancy and postnatal fitness and founder of zest4lifeuk has won numerous awards for her work, including the highly prestigious FitPro Award of Excellence in Fitness. a leading voice in pre and postnatal fitness, She is passionate about promoting mental well-being through physical activity and the building of social networks for mums and mums-to-be. she has recently launched a fitness class for homeless people via the charity The Bridge and is mother to three boys.


Zelma Braodfoot - Our mega passionate leader of the australian postnatal project

Zelma is a Social Worker and Founder of ‘The Postnatal Project’ in Australia; a multi-award winning blog and consultancy dedicated to supporting families in early parenthood and beyond. Zelma has special interests in and passion for birth trauma, PND, gentle parenting and mindfulness and is author of ‘Mama, Let’s Be Honest’. Zelma brings a different perspective from her work with parents in australia and from her own experience as a mum of two.

Kate Pinney.JPG

Kate Pinney - our amazing midwife, health visitor and head of Tommy’s midwife team

Kate is one of the stars of midwifery, practising within the NHS as well as Managing the team running the Tommy's Midwives pregnancy service. She is also an experienced health visitor in London so covers all aspects of pregnancy and transition to parenthood, including pre-pregnancy care, high risk antenatal care, pregnancy loss support, pregnancy health and mental health support. Kate has a Masters degree in public health with a focus on antenatal mental health and pregnancy after miscarriage.


Gayle berry - The go-to international baby/postnatal massage expert

Gayle is an author and expert on infant massage, yoga and the UK Director of the charity Love Support Unite. Gayle, a mother of three, discovered the massive benefits of baby massage when it transformed her own life, helping her to understand and soothe her colicky baby. Gayle went from went from a city lawyer to a baby massage instructor, founding blossom and berry (BA, Dip. Law, PGCE, IAIM, Birthlight, Dip Hypno, Clinical Hypnotherapist, ITEC Massage) and shares her passion and expertise on a global scale.


Rosie Goode - our superstar birth doula, passionate about making positive change

Rosie is passionate about supporting and empowering women and their partner in pregnancy, birth and beyond. She has loved teaching Hypnobirthing to over 2500 couples including friends and family of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  She's a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Birth Doula. Having previously been a BabyCalm and NCT Post Natal Teacher, Rosie's approach is informed by her 20 yrs experience of birth, and various NHS committees working to improve the system.


Kristy Coleman .jpg

Kristy Coleman - our superstar pregnancy and postnatal nutritionist

Kristy is a registered Nutritionist (DipION, mBANT, CNHC) and mother. Kristy, founder of kristy coleman nutrition, uses evidence-based research on nutrition to provide personalised (and delicious!) support to women throughout pregnancy and postnatally, to enable women to actively manage their wellbeing for a healthier future. Nutritional therapy aims to support alongside other healthcare providers to provide a comprehensive and rounded approach to managing health and wellness.


Ana mattos - one of the best paediatric cranial osteopaths in the business

Ana is an internationally acclaimed osteopath and naturopath based at the active birth centre in London since 2004. Originally from a nursing background Ana’s interest is in the promotion of health throughout life and optimising wellbeing. Ana trained in Osteopathic and Naturopathic Medicine and specialised in the fields of Women’s health, Pre and post-partum, with a Master’s in Paediatric Osteopathy, Biomechanical realignment, Biodynamic Cranial Osteopathy, and hormonal dysfunctions.


James Mutkin - the king of acupuncture in pregnancy, birth and beyond

James holds a bachelor of medicine from bejing university and degree in Chinese medicine, specialising in obstetrics and gynaecology in the NHS and private practise. he is known for his holistic approach, combining acupuncture, herbal medicine, meditation, breathing (Qigong), exercise (Tai Chi), and massage (Tui Na). he is the ‘go-to’ acupuncturist for Birth preparation, including the priming of labour, boosting progress in labour, plus helping to relieve pain and encourage relaxation.

angela townley - founder of first aid step by step - first aid expert

angela townley - the absolute safest pair of hands first aid expert

Angela set up First Aid Step by Step to provide practical hands-on training for clients so that they could safely step in and provide potentially life-saving interventions before emergency services arrive. Angela founded 'First aid step by step' For new parents to feel confident in dealing with an emergency situation with their child. The courses include the basics of first aid, CPR basic life support, recovery position, choking management, burns and scalds, allergies, febrile convulsions and seizures.

Kath sloggett - Founder of runneth london - womens' life/career coach

Kath sloggett - our super-woman empowering womens' life and career coach

Kath is the Founder of Runneth London, which empowers women at key transition points in their working lives - taking on new leadership roles, changing jobs or careers, returning to work after maternity leave, or starting their own businesses. Kath regularly runs career workshops and seminars across London, as well as returnship programmes for employers, helping to recruit talented people for flexible and part-time jobs. kath is a working mother of two (mostly) delightful young children.


rebecca richmond - our expert pregnancy and postnatal mama yogi

Rebecca is a pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher who supports women throughout their journey into motherhood offering expertise and guidance to new mums, in which they can practice yoga in a safe and beneficial way. Helping to prepare and restore the physical body and mind through the journey, before and after baby arrives. Rebecca teaches at London’s leading yoga studios, including Triyoga and makes classes welcoming and Accessible to all levels.


Gemma Haywood - our DONA international trained birth and postnatal doula

Gemma is a London-based birth and postnatal doula. She  trained with DONA International in New York, providing doula support to families across new york. Gemma 'breathe love doula' and has had the opportunity to experience the contrasting maternity care systems of the US and the UK and the differing approaches to the fourth trimester. Gemma brings an international approach to supporting families during the perinatal period, offering non-judgemental, evidence-based and compassionate support.

lauren mishcon.jpg

Lauren Mishcon - our super experienced, super empowering birth doula

Lauren has been a birth doula since 2007 and has HELPed over 150 families welcome their babies into the world. Following the birth of her first two (of three) sons, lauren felt a strong desire to help other women achieve their own empowering birth experiences and founded ‘from tummy to mummy’. She provides EXPERIENCED guidance THROUGH PREGNANCY and LABOUR, offering NON-JUDGEMENTAL SUPPORT IN order TO HELP MOTHERS achieve A positive BIRTH. A member of doula uk, Lauren is also the editor of the doula magazine.